From the heart of the Ribera del DueroA project. A passion

Piedras de San Pedro is a winery with family origins, heir to all the wisdom of our parents and grandparents when it comes to making great wines.

That idea is what continues to mark us, even today, in our daily work. We want each of our wines to vividly uncover the viticultural tradition of this land and the absolute essence of Ribera del Duero.


Dedicated to those who taught us how to create an exceptional wine


Six wines make up the catalog of the Piedras de San Pedro winery. Wines made with old vineyards and selected vineyards from payments located in the soul of Ribera del Duero. Five reds with different aging times and a white made from the 100% Verdejo variety.

Piedras de SanPero

Piedras de San Pedro

  • Wine tasting notes

    Cherry color well covered with garnet notes. Very balanced, complex, powerful and elegant at the same time, with aromas of jam, balsamic and chocolate.

    Extraordinary cabinetry with perfect tannin, sweet, tasty, with a lot of concentration and meatiness.

    Long, elegant, with an incomparable Ribera identity.

  • Winemaking

    Old vineyards, over 80 years old, above 870 m. of altitude. Manual harvest. Maceration in small tanks with manual punching down. The 16-month aging takes place in new extra-fine grain French barrels with a special toasting, with racking every six months without clarifying or filtering. Aging in the bottle for another 12 months before going on the market.

Loculto Crianza

  • Wine Tasting Notes

    Very covered cherry red wine. Clean and bright. Expressive on the nose, complex and intense. Notes of undergrowth and ripe fruit and evolves to spicy notes. Silky on the palate, balanced and with great volume. Friendly and long tannins. Subtle toasted notes, spices.

  • Winemaking

    Wine made with 100% Tinto Fino grapes. Manual harvest with selection by plots of origin. Production in small stainless steel tanks. Aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels.

Loculto 9 meses Roble Selección

  • Wine Tasting Notes

    Cherry red with violet reflections with great chromatic intensity. Powerful on the nose, varietal. Blueberry and blackberry, toffee, caramel and grilled bread. Pleasant texture in the mouth with voluptuous tannins. Perfect balance between ripe fruit and spicy wood with a toasted finish that gives it its own personality.

  • Winemaking

    This wine is made with grapes of the 100% Tinto Fino variety. Manual harvest. Elaboration in small tanks with daily punching down. Aged for 9 months in French oak barrels.

Loculto Roble 8 months

  • Wine Tasting Notes

    Cherry red with cherry reflections of great color intensity. Varietal aromas in the attack, tones of red liquorice, jams, blueberries, cherry compote. Clean and well integrated wood. Full on the palate, silky texture. Fresh fruit, vanilla, creams, liquorice and raspberry in great harmony and balance.

  • Winemaking

    100% Tinto Fino from vineyards in the Pesquera de Duero area. Manual harvest. 8 months of aging in French oak barrels.

Loculto Roble

  • Wine Tasting Notes

    Cherry red color with cherry reflections. Aromas of red liquorice, blueberry jam and cherries. Ample on the palate, silky, with great, well-balanced fresh fruit. Vanilla and cream tones.

  • Winemaking

    100% Tinto Fino from vineyards in the Pesquera de Duero area. Manual harvest. 6 months of aging in French oak barrels with an average age of 3 years.

Loculto Verdejo

  • Wine Tasting Notes

    Straw yellow color with green reflections. Powerful on the nose with aromas of stone fruit, peach, apricot and hints of exotic fruit with an aniseed and slightly herbaceous background. Balanced on the palate, full of fruity sensations reminiscent of the nuances described on the nose.

  • Winemaking

    100% Verdejo. Cold pre-fermentation at 12º and fermentation at a controlled mild temperature.


Pesquera de Duero is, without a doubt, the epicenter of the great emblematic wines of Ribera del Duero. A land that offers unparalleled conditions for the Tempranillo to express all the potential it carries within. Dry and hot summers, long and demanding winters and a unique terroir due to the composition of its soils characterize these wines and this area as one of the best wine producers in existence.



The grape par excellence of the Ribera del Duero. Unique because it is different, because it is special, because here it adopts sublime characteristics for the production of high expression red wines.

All our red wines are monovarietal, 100% Tempranillo, from selected hawthorns. Limestone, rocky soils, located in some of the best plots of the Ribera del Duero, composing an unparalleled terroir for the production of this grape variety.


The Verdejo grape is a white grape, perhaps one of the most expressive, typical and native to the vineyard around the Duero. Extraordinarily fresh and aromatic fruit, it has become the queen of national whites. From these grapes we obtain aromatic, intense and fruity, herbaceous wines, different in the world of whites. That personality captivated us and that is why we incorporated her to work with her on a truly exceptional wine.

Winemakersthe story behind the wine

On fine-weather afternoons, it was common for friends to get together next to the hermitage of San Pedro, on top of the hill pierced by hundreds of wineries, to share a snack and, above all, a jug of wine. They sat on some huge stones with exceptional views of the Duero river, they were the “Stones of San Pedro”. They were moments of enjoyment, encounters, friends and everything united by wine.

The essence of those moments still lives in each of these bottles of wine, that is why we want to thank you and welcome this gang of friends who continue to get together to enjoy the Piedras de San Pedro.

There is more philosophy and wisdom in a bottle of wine than in all the books. LOUIS PASTEUR

FRENCH OAK COOPERATIONBarrels for a special wine

A barrel is an essential element in the creation of a great wine. There is no doubt.

We use the Origine range of extra fine grit. A commitment to the most classic barrel in a special toasting for the production of our wines.

And now, discover our exceptional Wines

PIEDRAS DE SAN PEDRO, S.L. Within the framework of the ICEX-NEXT program, it has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European FEDER Fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.